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Blackberry high quality packaging

Source and Deliver packaging to meet Blackberry’s transport and cosmetic requirements and implement production in Europe and Asia. Since 2008 we fulfilled BlackBerry’s  rapidly growing packaging demands while at the same time reducing production lead time to 5 days. For several  items we improved the design, saving up to  60% for Blackberry.


  • Rigid box (with unique type of wrappings)
  • Folding carton (offset print with embossing / UV / UV spot / special coatings / and more)
  • Paperfoam trays
  • Transparant packaging
  • Super high quality moulded fibre tray (bagase, bamboo)
  • E, C, B, BC, EE, BE-flute corrugated (flexo printed and digitally printed)
  • Overpack (shipper box)
  • CD
  • Documentation kits
  • Labels
  • Sleeves