Paxpring supplies custom-made packaging solutions to a range of telecom providers in and out of the Netherlands.
In close cooperation with Vodafone, Paxpring created a range of products that help Vodafone with packing and shipping their products in a secure manner. A big convenience is the hotmelt closure.

Next to a swift logistical process, brand-awareness is key. This on the outside anonymous box, packs a lot of color when opened. Being a bit of tech-geeks ourselves, we know a new phone is something a lot of people look forward to. Our shipping-box features a multi-level opening experience, so the Vodafone brand is unlikely to go unnoticed while customers unpack their phone.

Vodafone and Paxpring have continued their cooperation and developed an even better, more sustainable packaging solution following the ZeroPackaging approach.


Click-Pax is all about disrupting the online plant-market. As the market grows, more and more retailers are limited by their packaging process and the availability of good, protective, paper-based packaging. As plants are delicate, far from one size and usually difficult to pack, there are a lot of challenges that come up when shipping plants.

Paxpring (with our ZeroPackaging approach) supports Click-Pax in all their development needs in national and international markets.
One of the developments is a modular system that includes an easy to use ‘click’ system (patent pending) to fix all kinds, shapes and sizes of plants and accessories.

Fairphone is a Dutch company that has the goal to create a fairer phone, and show the big tech companies of this world that it can be done.

The Fairphone 2.0 is created around ethical values concerning mining, fair wages, safe working conditions and longevity. For example; Fairphone is the first company worldwide to get a fairtrade certificate for their gold supply-chain. Fairphone is also the first company to release a modular phone, designed to be easily repairable and build to last.

Packaging is also high on the agenda. Shipping ten-thousands of phones has to be done in a responsible way, while still boosting the brand image and give the consumers a fitting unpacking experience.

Together with Fairphone, Paxpring designed a total packaging solution from the ground up. Using nothing but paper-based materials, innovative features (such as a double-sided tray; which holds the phone on one side and casing on the other side), and a very clean look and feel. This award winning packaging has been shared all over social media by happy consumers, giving Fairphone a great deal of exposure.

Liberty Global is the largest international TV and broadband company. In Europe, Liberty Global operates under different brands in different countries.
Via existing partners in our supply-network, Paxpring was approached to solve a piece of the packaging puzzle our competitors could not. Challenge: create a large, high-end foldable rigid-box, produced in Europe at a reasonable price-level.

Paxpring came up with the design and together with one of our production partners, we developed a production and assembly line from scratch. The result is a beautiful packaging for a beautiful device.

GoPro is one of biggest technology brands of the last decade. They are well known for their action camera’s and strong marketing campaigns that go with it. Their devices and most of their packaging is sourced in Asia.

In 2015 GoPro decided they can better serve their customers if the customisation of their products happens locally.
As packaging is an important part of customisation, a local European packaging supply-chain was required.

As GoPro is very happy with the packaging they are using, it was our goal was to set up a supply-chain that could deliver that same packaging (or better), for a competitive price.

As circumstances differ between Asia and Europe, we decided to rework the packagings structural design and the materials used. This resulted in a box that is now made efficiently in a European production environment, while keeping the exact same look and feel as the Asia box.

MR PORTER is an online retailer in menswear. It’s a brand extension of the YOOX Net-a-Porter group.

MR PORTER sells high quality menswear and designer clothing, with a corresponding price tag.
The items are shipped in a variety of high quality rigid boxes. These rigid boxes are covered with a custom made paper, finished with a special gloss and hot foil stamp.

Paxpring sourced manufacturers (including development of the specialty paper) for the European market and is involved in many new developments to create an even better experience. Not just for the customer, but also for the workers in the logistic process beforehand.

Samsung sells a lot of products via retailers and carriers, but also has its own e-commerce division for direct and special orders. These orders are packed with even more care and are set to deliver the ultimate Samsung experience. If there’s a new phonemodel launch, or a collaboration with a with a big company or sportsevent, the packaging needs to be tailor made for that particular event.

With the launch of the Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung once again contacted us for design input. The custom made shoulder box teases the customer by emphasizing one of the key design features of the phone; the edge.

Kinfill is a Dutch company with a clear mission: Empower people to build cleaner habits for themselves and the planet.

For most cleaning products, the main ingredient is water and the spray bottle is meant to be discarded once you run out of product.
This makes for unnecessary transport, logistics and waste. Kinfill rethought this process and introduced a toxin free cleaning extract that comes with a beautifully designed (empty) reusable glass bottle. Just mix the extract with some water and start cleaning. Once you run out, just use one of the available refills without wasting the bottle.

Paxpring supports Kinfill with their packaging needs. We designed several e-commerce-ready kits that can take a beating in the parcel shipping process; protecting the beautiful glass contents inside. Reducing resources and waste starts with products arriving safely at your doorstep.

Design, develop and deliver a packaging for the tableware that KLM uses in the business class and sells online. The tableware is designed by Marcel Wanders and therefore deserved a packaging that fit both KLM and Marcel Wanders requirements. The twisted packaging is an innovation that fits Marcel Wanders’ twisted tea spoon exactly. The use of corrugated cardboard in combination with the rubberband, stickers and black flexographic print (in and out) really boosts the looks of this otherwise regular corrugated packaging.

OrthoPharma sells dietary supplements which are delivered by mail. They challenged us to design a packaging solution which will protect their products (containing glass ampuls), fit their brand and is environmentally responsible.

Our ‘all paper’ solution consists of a mailbox-thin rigid-box with sleeve, carrying a PaperFoam® tray. The combination is very strong, looks good and most importantly; protects the products. The entire packaging can be recycled with paper.