What we do

Paxpring designs and delivers complete packaging solutions. We cover the entire development process from concept to production. This means we can guarantee that ideas are executed exactly as they were intended.

How we work

For any project, we start by designing and sourcing the right materials for the packaging based on our clients’ requirements. Along with the conceptual and dimensional designs, we provide samples and conduct extensive tests. Once all stakeholders are happy with the design, we bring our production partners to the table.

What sets us apart

We like to think we’re unique because we combine two things: expertise and independence. Having been around the block many times, we’re always keeping an eye out for opportunities and pitfalls that might present themselves during the development process.

Being independent from manufacturers, we are free to choose the materials we feel are best suited for a particular project.

As a result, we can make good on our promise: to provide tailor-made packaging-solutions for any given product. Inside and out, from design to delivery.