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We believe design is about more than just what packaging looks and feels like. It’s also about minimising handling, improving logistics, using as little material as possible and choosing the right materials, our LCA experience guides us in this process. Design is about what it feels like to unpack a product, how the packaging opens, how intuitive it is and how it best presents the goods inside.

Material matters
Through our extensive partner network, we are able to supply customized packaging materials. We work with paper based materials such as corrugated cartons, rigid boxes, folding-cartons, sleeves, PaperFoam® and moulded fibre. But also with plastics like EPS, thermoform PETs and sleeves for reusable packaging. Any of these materials can be printed with high-quality graphics.

Making an impact without leaving a mark.
Apart from creating high-quality packaging, we care just as much about reducing the environmental footprint of our products. We are constantly exploring innovative environmentally friendly alternatives, as well as new ways to reduce the use of packaging as a whole. We are FSC certified and supply carbon neutral packaging trough our initiative.

Partners in packaging
Being independent enables us to produce locally. Our production partners in Asia and Europe are packaging manufacturers with proven track records in on-time and on-spec delivery. In North America, we work together with the largest packaging agency in the USA. All of our partners service the most demanding of US and EU based companies. They understand there is only one way to deliver: on time, on spec and on price.